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Customized, ready-to-use enzymes for fermented beverages

Today's beer trends present brewers with new challenges, but also new opportunities. In the brewing process, it is important to understand the nature of the raw materials available and the individual brewing processes.


For example, enzymes are added during mashing or fermentation to increase or facilitate the production of fermentable sugars, to support mash filtration, to accelerate the maturation process and, in the case of low-calorie beers, to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the final product.


With its enzyme products, the BRAIN Group company WeissBioTech offers a comprehensive range of customized enzymes for malting, grain boiling and milling, fermentation, degumming and filtration, beer maturation and stabilization. The company supplies not only breweries, but also multinational food brands and private label producers of fruit juices and wine, as well as processors of sugar, starch, potable alcohol and bioethanol.


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