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Enzymes for innovative medical products

Chronic wounds are a huge unmet medical need and can be a long-lasting problem!
It has been known for centuries that green bottle fly maggots (Lucilia sericata) effectively support the healing process for chronic wounds as they feed on the dead and dying tissue in the wound, leaving behind a clean wound for healing. An enzyme secreted by the maggots is responsible for this debridement activity.
The enzyme, Aurase, was identified at BRAIN Biotech and the molecule can today be produced recombinantly. The resulting high-purity active ingredient has been combined with a hydrogel with the aim of treating patients with chronic wounds. Aurase Wound Gel is currently undergoing clinical trials for approval as a pharmaceutical product and aims to improve the outcomes of patients in all settings: hospitals, nursing homes, or home care.
Nature as a role model... once again!

‣ Enzyme for biological wound management
‣ SolasCure: Since 2017 a spin-off of BRAIN Biotech AG

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